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Put your faith into action

The Pope's visit to America was a call to action. He pointed out the numerous areas in which we need to focus energy for the sake of the greater good. None of these were surprises, but the question is: Who will take action?

Suppose Martin Luther King, observing the civil rights issues of his day, had simply said, "Somebody needs to do something." Instead he did what he could and his mission enlarged as he continued to do what was before him.

Many of us wait on a bolt of lightning or some revelation from God to tell us what to do about the suffering that we see. I suggest taking some action, any action, is where we need to start. Perhaps you can't go to the missionary fields, but you can write a letter or make a phone call or send a card to someone in need. There's a lot of pain and suffering in our world and we are called, particularly as men, to do what we can.

SpiritualityJacob Ratliff