Men in Balance


About Men in Balance

What is Men in Balance?

Men in Balance is a non-profit 501(c)(3), faith-based, non-denominational organization whose primary goal is to provide support for men seeking balance and integration in their occupational, spiritual, and personal lives. The primary vehicle to do this is conversations with other men facing similar issues.

These conversations are held in:

  • Men’s groups in churches or synagogues

  • Web forums

  • Men’s networking groups

  • Small self-directed discussion groups

Our Mission

The purpose of the Men in Balance organization is to provide men a forum in which they can learn about themselves and share their ideas about the joys and challenges of being an adult male. The goals are:

  • To reduce the isolation many men feel as they wrestle with concerns of career, money, sex, relationships and other issues.

  • To facilitate the process of men establishing (or re-establishing) themselves as the spiritual co-leader of their family

  • To create a safe environment in which men can examine their lives in light of their own spiritual nature and its implications for their lives



Our Story

Jerry Hancock started this non-profit out of a recognized need (with no resources), and has served as the Executive Director with no compensation.

We operate with a small Board, an Advisory Board, and a management team — all volunteers serving out of their commitment to our mission.

We have a detailed strategic plan including an aggressive marketing plan.

The more than 500 men who have been touched by our program say it has changed their lives, saved their marriages, deepened their spiritual roots and re-connected them to themselves and their families by bringing a saving balance to their life. Couples who have attended our Couples Communication series report renewed closeness and vitality in their relationship. Men who have attended our Wolf at the Door series (which helps men deal with unemployment and the impact of the economic downturn) find solace in the fact that other men are facing similar circumstances and they share suggestions for coping.

At this date, we are working on developing the website and program to help boys deal with the pressures they encounter as they learn to become men in our society.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this program and our goals. Will you join us in making this effort sustainable with your financial support? I welcome your feedback and dialog.