Men in Balance


Resources to Become a Man in Balance


At a recent Tuesday Men in Balance session, we talked about what we would like to have engraved on our tombstones, or better yet, we speculated on what would be said about us at our funerals. Imagine that you could be in the balcony looking down on your own funeral. What would you want said about you?

Obviously, the next question is how closely to that legacy are you living your life now? Many of us have plans to do grand and noble things "when the time is right," but the time is now.

The fact that we can be struck down with illness or even death at any moment should cause us to take inventory of how we are living. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so why not reach out now to those people who can use our help and also be even more attentive to the needs of our loved ones.

Of course we all try to do the right thing daily. But taking it to the next level and truly focusing on how we can help others today is a good idea for all of us. 

Who needs your help today?