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No Regrets

I lost my oldest sister to a stroke. She was 83. In addition to all of the wonderful memories we had together, I lost access to a treasure trove of family history.

She was the one who always could tell us the odd story about an uncle or aunt or the details about the family's move years ago.

Although we spent a fair amount of time together, I still realize that I could have been with her more. She always welcomed my visits and was a very outgoing person. 

But isn't this the way we all feel? When we lose a loved one we realize how much more potential was in that relationship. So during this advent season I will continue to grieve the loss of my sister, but I will also resolve to focus more on relationships. 

And I will also reach out to those I love to make sure they know how much I care and to enjoy whatever time is left for both of us.

May God give us the grace to love each other better.