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10 Ways to Take Care of Your Body

It is doubtful you look as virile and strong as you did when you were 18, but nonetheless that body is worth taking care of.


It is sad to know that in most retirement homes, the majority of the population is widows. The men have died early.

Men don’t have a good reputation for taking care of themselves. Research shows that women are three times more likely to visit a doctor that men – – even though their health is generally better. Same goes for exercise programs and healthy diets.

Even if all of the above were not foreboding enough, men sometimes have the odds stacked against them through genetics and DNA. It would seem we have a history of not taking care of ourselves and it gets passed along genetically.

So what do we do about this? The obvious answer is that it requires a change of attitude. I have talked to a lot of heart attack survivors and stroke survivors who said they were going to do things differently, spend more time with the family, savor sunsets and intimate moments. Lessons learned? Maybe a little too late?

Actually, It’s never too late to start tuning in to your spiritual self which would lead you to take better care of your physical self as well. But like doing push-ups, it is work and it can be intimidating. But you can do it!

Make sure your plan tomorrow includes a little care of the body and the soul. If you haven’t had a physical this year, schedule one. If that is not your habit, make it a habit.

Keep in mind that your loved ones are depending on your being around for a while. Don’t disappoint them.


Here are my 10 suggestions for taking care of your health:

Get a physical every year

Even if you are only 25, start the habit of getting a physical just to keep up with things and create a baseline for future health numbers. 

Get a colonoscopy

If you are 40 years old or more and have not done this, begin the process. A sizable number of deaths result each year from colon cancer.

Sign up for the health app from your provider

Creating the profile in your health app will give you access to your doctor’s data, test results etc. Start paying attention to these things.

Erectile dysfunction

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, ask your doctor about sildenafil 20%. It is the same ingredient that’s in Viagra, but the pills only cost a dollar. Five of them equals one Viagra which can cost up to $50.

Keep your life insurance up-to-date

Be sure your family is taken care of in the event of your death.

Lose weight if you need to.

A host of problems accompany being overweight, including diabetes, heart issues, high blood pressure and stroke.

Follow the doctor‘s orders

Too many of us ignore our medicines, or fail to use a CPAP (or other therapy) that has been prescribed—or generally ignore good health practices. This is not helpful.

Take your supplements

Not everyone needs supplements, but you probably at least could use a daily vitamin and vitamin D supplement.


Of course you’ve heard this a thousand times and it is hard to do, especially with a busy schedule. But it’s the best insurance against other health problems.

Improve your diet

Most of us are heavy on starches and light on complex carbohydrates. Your mom was right: eat your vegetables. They are good for you and some research shows they prolong life.

Reduce your intake of processed meat

Processed meat of any kind includes chemicals, especially nitrites, that are bad for you. Try to stay with meats that have not been subjected to any treatment other than cooking.