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Three tips for the New Year

From Family and Marriage Counselor Philip Loydpierson, MSW, Charlotte, NC.

As we strive to be proud of being the best man we can, here are three ideas to guide us into the New Year:

Tune into your heart. Be still and listen to what's going on inside. There's a treasure-trove of wisdom just under your nose. How you feel is a source of valuable information, telling you to do this, not to do the other, what brings your life energy, or what drains you. Our heart is our inner guide. But we have to make the space to listen.

Love openly. Of course, you'll get hurt. That goes without saying. To love is to be vulnerable. But protecting ourselves only leads to isolation and loneliness. The regrets most men experience at the end of their lives are the moments they didn't express love as freely as they could have. No man ever wished he would have protected his heart more. Make sure the receiver "hears" your expression. Love expressed only counts if it's received.

Reflect on your life. There's always something we could do better. But our reflection should be compassionate in order to be helpful. The point is not to drive ourselves more, but to use our life energy more wisely, to discern better our choices. We reflect to make the most difference we can.

May this coming year be one of clear intent and faithful stewardship of our lives!