Men in Balance

Men's Ministry Initiative

Men’s Ministry Initiative

Roughly one in ten places of worship has a viable Men’s Program. We’re fixing that by developing strong Men’s Programs in churches and synagogues nationwide. When faith communities offer robust men’s programming, the whole organization benefits:

  • Strong men’s programs result in greater involvement from men

  • Greater involvement usually results in men taking on more leadership roles

  • When men attend, typically the entire family attends

  • When men are more involved in worship and related activities, they tend to provide financial support as well

  • Young boys are definitely more likely to attend if the father attends

  • Spiritually stronger men usually means fewer divorces and other related problems within the marriage and the family unit

According to our survey, many men do not consider themselves the spiritual leader of the family (but they would like to be) and many report they feel they are going through the motions at church instead of becoming truly committed to their own spiritual development.

How it Works

Our offer is simple: for $89 annually, we provide you with 12 ready-made leader guides (one each month) which any lay person can successfully use to lead a Men’s program and discussion. The leader guides are complete and timed to facilitate a lively discussion on the issues men deal with most. Our programs are not built around softball or bowling teams, but rather open discussion of whatever is on the minds of men–especially things that might interfere with their spiritual walk. Lately, discussions have included a lot of concern for economic and career issues and the very real hurt (and, in some cases, shame) men are feeling.

Supplement Your Program or start from scratch

If you already have a men’s group which needs re-invigorating or more robust content, this can be exactly what you need. If you have not been able to sustain a viable men’s program, this will help you start one. Our experience is that when men attend these sessions, they “get real” with each other, opening up in a trusting environment and learning that other men are facing the same issues they face, that men can and will support each other in their own spiritual search and handling problems in relationships, faith, career, marriage as well as personal weaknesses (such as pornography or womanizing).

Additional Benefits

We provide you with custom fliers which you can post to boost attendance at your programs. And we place all of the group members on our email list so that he will continue to receive consistent and relevant guidance. We also offer additional consulting help in re-invigorating your Men’s Ministry. Call or email for more details or just to explore ideas.

Our Guarantee

Try the program for 90 days. If you are not convinced it is worth the investment, just call and we will cheerfully refund your subscription, no questions asked. Our mission is to help men, not to be a road block– so we’ll take your word that it is not helping in your effort to build spiritually strong men. 

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