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"I attended a marriage workshop with Men in Balance and it had a strong impact on me. In addition to great teaching sessions, the facilitators also used creative methods to get their point across, including humorous role play to make things fun yet still educational. Sharing was encouraged among participants, and this also gave me some great insights on how to better communicate with my spouse. I think Men in Balance is a wonderful program, but not very well known. It could benefit many more men and couples if it could get its name out more."


What is Men in Balance™?

Men in Balance is a non-profit 501(c)(3), faith-based, non-denominational organization whose primary goal is to provide support for men seeking balance and integration in their occupational, spiritual, and personal lives. The primary vehicle to do this is conversations with other men facing similar issues. These conversations are held in:

  • Men's groups in churches or synagogues
  • Web forums
  • Men's networking groups
  • Small self-directed discussion groups

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