Testimonials From Individuals

“I appreciate . . . the opportunity to connect with others in the church. The time I spent in class helped me to connect with other church members and see my personal struggles in relation to others and how they draw from their faith to gain strength and peace.”

— Scott

“I have attended 6-7 Men In Balance sessions in Cincinnati Ohio. The sessions have been an excellent outlet for me to be open and discuss issues and ideas that I would otherwise not have a forum to share them in. They are therapeutic, empowering and are in fact, helping me attain more balance in my life.”

— Larry

“I attended a marriage workshop with Men in Balance and it had a strong impact on me. In addition to great teaching sessions, the facilitators also used creative methods to get their point across, including humorous role play to make things fun yet still educational. Sharing was encouraged among participants, and this also gave me some great insights on how to better communicate with my spouse. I think Men in Balance is a wonderful program, but not very well known. It could benefit many more men and couples if it could get its name out more.”


“Men in Balance has been a positive resource for me in how I view the world and what I might learn from a male’s point of view. I have participated in sessions and have enjoyed meaningful dialogue and exploration of ideas with the founder. This program is greatly needed and I can only hope that we can get a women’s group started with the same format. The various programs have helped me to better process my husband’s viewpoint as well as those of my boss at work.”

— Phyllis

“I took the Men in Balance course at my church. I learned a great deal through sharing life experiences with other men. I gained a unique perspective by listening to how other men dealt with the same issues I have in my life. I was impressed with the course and signed my wife and me up for the couples communication class offered by Men in Balance. We both really enjoyed the class and used the material to communicate better in our marriage.”

— Greg

I credit Men in Balance with saving my marriage.