Thanks for your interest in helping Men in Balance. We often get asked “How can we help?” so here are specific needs at the moment. Perhaps you can help with either cash contributions or in-kind services!

For more info or to volunteer, email us.

Men in Balance Current Wish List

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  • Materials for one person ($10)
  • Materials for one session ($50)
  • Web site redesign/enhancement ($500)
  • Tax/legal assistance ($1,000)
  • Marketing/promotion mailings ($1500)
  • Printing Brochures/letterhead/fliers ($2500)
  • Web-based surveys/newsletters/email ($750)
  • Postage ($1500)
  • Office supplies ($750)
  • Subscriptions ($250)
  • Computer/software ($1500)
  • Telephone/Long Distance ($1500)
  • Part time office assistant ($7500)
  • Education/Training ($2,000)

Also needed:

  • Volunteer office assistance (some from home)
  • Volunteer telephone prospecting
  • Small group facilitators
  • Grant writing/consulting
  • PR assistance
  • Media Partnership
  • Your prayers and support!!

Thank you for supporting Men In Balance!

Men in Balance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, faith-based, non-denominational organization whose primary goal is to provide support for men seeking balance and integration in their occupational, spiritual, and personal lives. The primary vehicle to do this is conversations with other men facing similar issues.