Men in Balance


10 Lessons for Men...And How Our Partners Can Help

10 Lessons for Men...And How Our Partners Can Help


This book is a collection of my own observations about men’s issues based on 10 years of facilitating hundreds of small group and individual coaching sessions as well as serving as Executive Director of Men in Balance, a non-denominational 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the spiritual development of men.

The saddest realization for me in this work is that many men resist counseling or taking an introspective look at themselves, even when their job or marriage is threatened. It is my hope that in this book men may find answers to some of the troublesome questions they wrestle with daily about life, career, marriage, relationships, and spirituality.

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Who should read this book…


  • wishing to learn more about themselves and make changes to improve their marriages or intimate relationships

  • going through divorce or separation seeking to understand what went wrong

  • facing a “speed bump” in their life such as job loss, change of social status or health issues

  • looking for more substantive relationships with other men


  • who want to better understand their man and enrich their relationship

  • who want to help their man become more fully human by learning about and accepting his masculine makeup

  • hoping for more closeness in their relationships with men, including male family members.

  • searching for relationships with men who can become loving husbands and fathers.


  • wanting for their sons a new paradigm of masculinity and what it can mean to be a man

  • wanting to understand their role in creating potential issues later in life for sons or daughters


  • wanting a closer relationship with sons and daughters

  • who may question their effectiveness as a parent of a son or stepson

  • wanting to lead their family spiritually


  • who may pass along some of these ideas to men seeking guidance

  • who wish to expand their understanding of men’s issues

  • looking to develop more empathy for the issues men are facing


  • who are seeking a deeper understanding of men and how their church can help

  • planning to develop a new type of Men’s Ministry more relevant to contemporary men (Men in BalanceTM offers Men’s Ministry programs based on these ideas. Page 203)


  • who wish to have a better understanding of their father’s heritage and belief system

  • working to understand the importance of the father/son relationship and its implication for their lives

  • hoping to someday father their own sons and daughters in more holistic ways


  • who want a better understanding of their fathers and the other men in their lives

  • who may feel their fathers parented them differently from their brothers