Select the group

A church (or other entity) signs up to host a men’s discussion group (no more than 12 men). Do this by completing the inquiry form on the web or in the packet provided.

Select the facilitator

A facilitator is selected by the host church. This person should be someone who is:

  • Open minded
  • A good communicator
  • Is outgoing
  • Willing to invest some time (1/2 day) in training (may be waived based on experience)

Train the facilitator

The facilitator is trained in Men in Balance facilitation techniques. This training can be done in person or via computer depending on location and logistics.

Obtain materials

Reproducible materials are provided to stimulate discussion. These will be both in hard copy and on disk to allow you to print your own.

Schedule the meetings

Meetings are set up (minimum of 6 weeks to ongoing if the group wishes). Participants (and facilitator) should agree to meet at least 6 times, preferably once a week. This gives the group time to really “gel” and open up with each other.


This can be decided by the group but probably should be 7-9 PM for the first few meetings (unless the group feels strongly otherwise).


Should probably be onsite at the church in a meeting room that is private and unlikely to be disturbed. Alternately, the group could choose to meet in someone’s home, but only if TOTAL privacy can be assured.


Once established, the group sets its meeting time/place and agrees to abide by its own norms of confidentiality and support (MIB suggests language to be used).

NOTE: The individuals are not expected to provide advice to each other; however, sharing of experiences typically results in gaining new insights.