Men in Balance™ Discussion Group Curriculum

Week 1: Fathers and their influence (2 hrs.)

  • Traits (good and bad) of our fathers
  • Impacts of our fathers on our lives
  • Role of fathers in passage to manhood
  • Absent or missing (or emotionally absent) fathers and its impact
  • Christian implication of being a father

Week 2: Career (2 hrs.)

  • What are the career traps for men?
  • Balancing work and home life
  • Long term impact of work commitments
  • Personal identification with career/implications
  • Retirement: what to do with it

Week 3: Marriage (2 hrs.)

  • What makes a good marriage?
  • God’s plan for marriage: Is it realistic?
  • Communication in marriage
  • Resolving differences
  • Divorce and its aftermath/options

Week 4: Sex and Intimacy (2 hrs.)

  • Why do men say they want more sex but not more conversation?
  • Sex: Men’s view vs. Women’s view
  • How is sex different from intimacy?
  • Role of communication in an intimate relationship

Week 5: Family Life (2 hrs.)

  • How much togetherness do you need?
  • Keeping the whole family involved
  • Teens and family life: special needs?
  • Church attendance and family connection

Week 6: Christian Life as a Man (2 hrs.)

  • Making a priority of your spiritual development
  • Being a spiritual leader in your home
  • Keeping your faith real and active
  • Christian life and work/career

Week 7: (Optional) Wrap-up/Review

  • Free-wheeling discussion of all previous topics, integrating them into a balanced life; discussion about continuing to meet or creating other groups; whatever is on your mind.

“A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”

Marlon Brando as Don Carleone in THE GODFATHER