Recently I spoke to a men’s group and suggested we might sometimes allow ourselves to be more vulnerable with our wives and families. After the session, a man came up to me and said, “I can’t believe you are asking MEN to be vulnerable– that’s the last thing we want to be. You’re offending most of your audience when you say things like that.”

Especially during this special season, I am suggesting that is exactly what we need. The image our family needs of us is not one of an invincible linebacker in protective gear but a servant on his knees seeking a spiritual connection with God. We may see that as vulnerable but the paradox is that it is an image of strength and commitment.

The purpose of Men in Balance is to help men in their spiritual growth. During this blessed season, why not examine yourself spiritually and initiate a conversation with your spouse about your spiritual partnership and what she wants for the marriage and the family in terms of this important link.

Ironically, I have spoken with several men recently whose wives have walked out on them near the Christmas holidays. They didn’t see it coming! Incredibly, they had had no conversation with their spouse about the state of their marriage in years (or had stonewalled any attempts to work on “the relationship.”)

So what about it? Are you ready for some Christmas? Some re-connection with your spiritual self? Some vulnerability in your walk with Christ and your marriage. There’s more strength there than you know!

What are your ideas about this? Post them on the blog.

Jerry Hancock, Executive Director Of Men In Balance, Inc.