Joe Casey


Hi, my name’s Joe Casey but you can call me Joe

There’s something I must tell you that you already know

It’s all about a gift you gave, the one that set me free

The one that opened up my heart so I could just be me


It isn’t in a box or bag, or sitting on a shelf

And I can’t even find it ‘til I look inside myself

But when I do, it’s there alright, and that’s where it will stay

That simple gift you gave to me, the gift I call “Today”


Today is full of precious joys, in fact, more than I need

Each day bears fruit and multiplies like Nature’s might seed

Today is where I find my dreams fulfilled before I know it

And love is free inside of me, and I have but to show it


Today is where my God resides, showing me the way

And if I pay attention, He’ll not lead me stray

When I wake up to fragile dawn or rest my head at night

He whispers to me quietly and makes it all just right


Today frees me from worry and regret about the past

It shows me that tomorrow isn’t really coming fast

Today gives me my gratitude and fills my heart with song

It shows me that each moment can be infinitely long


Today I feel your love and care…I feel it deep inside

It know that there is nothing that I ever have to hide

For we were ordained long ago, I feel it in my heart

My soul tells me that God Himself had planned it from the start


So talk and walk and share with me, I’m ready to begin

I have a place inside of me for you, will you come in?

And if I’m ever doubting that you love, you can say

“Remember how I loved you when I gave to you Today”


Joe Casey 1995