–Jerry Hancock


Been putting off getting spiritually “fit.”  Here’s a list of suggestions to consider. Don’t postpone getting started…pick one or two to do this week.


No BlackBerry or email after 8PM. Every time you check your email after 8PM you have to hug your partner or a child.

Read a Psalm each day for a week. (Or pick scripture of your choosing. The idea is to get you used to reading some scripture regularly).


Call an old friend and catch up. Before you hang up, thank him for being there for you.


Initiate a conversation with your partner in which you simply ask “What’s been on your mind lately?” and just listen without fixing any problem or editorializing about the response.


Download a sermon from your church website and re-read (or listen) for messages you may have missed. Forward it to someone with a note of appreciation.


Call your parents if they are still living and thank them for the sacrifices they made on your behalf. Option: call someone who has influenced your life positively.



ADVANCED (Instrument Certified Pilots Only)


Invite your partner to begin nightly devotionals with you (get a free couples devotional starter book by emailing us)


Call the men’s shelter (or another community agency) and volunteer an hour, or a night, or a regular schedule. No cash contribution substitutes allowed!


Give us your feedback! What suggestions do you have for other men to try? What works for you? Email us or add it to the blog.