It is doubtful much will change about your life unless you change spiritually. This doesn’t mean you have to become an ascetic or track down a spiritual guru, but it does mean investigating the larger part of yourself which you possibly neglected as you have worked on building a career and family. All of us need spiritual roots. Decipher what that means for you and do some serious work on it.

Where do you start? Pray. A lot. Then talk to your minister or another trusted person who may help you along your journey. Be open, ask what he or she has learned and what insights they have gained along the way. Then jot down some spiritual goals for yourself and start to work. Also, there are numerous books to help with spiritual development which you can find online, in your church library or in bookstores.

In our survey, a number of men say they feel they are “going through the motions” spiritually-even at church. Sound like you? If so, you are missing out on the great rewards of a spiritually fulfilling life-and maybe the spiritual connection with your wife or loved ones you would love to have. Use the worksheet below to do a checkup on yourself.

Finally, most of us by now are convinced of the merit of regular physical exercise. Spiritual “exercise” is even more important. Are you doing your spiritual “push-ups” or are you spiritually out of tone?

It is doubtful much will change about your life unless you change spiritually.

Pop Quiz

(With really hard questions!)

  1. [T] [F] My faith is strong and I lean heavily on it.
  2. [T] [F] I pray at least several times a week.
  3. [T] [F] I have male friends with whom I can freely talk about spiritual issues.
  4. [T] [F] I have had serious questions about my faith and have done at least some study on that.
  5. [T] [F] I usually find “quiet time” to meditate or read scripture.
  6. [T] [F] I am confident I am on a good path spiritually and things are unfolding as they should.
  7. [T] [F] When I attend church, I someties feel I am “going through the motions.”
  8. [T] [F] I am actively involved in some church activity other than attending worship.
  9. [T] [F] I am involved in at least one organization that helps others.
  10. [T] [F] I do not have a problem with drugs (including alcohol), pornography, or womanizing.

How’d you do? (Assess yourself below.)



I’m committing to work on the following: