–Robert Sokol

Which is the best choice? Peace or anger?

Men, be willing to change, embrace it, learn to listen to your partners, find happiness with them and also find better quality of life.

Allow vulnerability, it is sexy. Leaving egos outside of the front door is both sensitive and empowering. Egos are often the root of fear & denial of truth. The fear of discovery is one of the scariest places to be. That place is the root of lies, deceit and duplicity and distrust. This is the base of the downfall of all relationships. Embrace feelings and their expression. Our partners will notice.

How often has your wife told you that she does not feel heard? The simplest way to listen effectively is to repeat what the other person said. We can then hear, internalize and process the question or statement. In doing so, we have an opportunity to be more clear. She feels heard when we repeat what she said.

Many times I have been impatient, when trying to communicate a thought. If I slow down the delivery of my thoughts I find that I, as a man, also hear myself better. Have you ever wondered why women do not seem to understand us? It is that we communicate differently, frequently non-verbally and then expect them to understand us?
Try it on. It takes practice finding joy and intimacy.


Robert Sokol