–Jerry Hancock

Just imagine you were on that flight and just after the crash, you realize you are alive, whole and likely to be OK if you can just get out of the plane. What would you be thinking? Probably not about getting to the office or retrieving your luggage!

Hopefully you would be thinking about the fact that you have been given a second chance, you have cheated death. You WILL see your family again and hold your children again.

Why do we need such a jarring event as this (or divorce or loss of a job) to remind us to sort out our priorities?

Why not make 2009 the year for your own spiritual development? Let this “Miracle on the Hudson” be your prompt to pay attention to YOUR development by equipping yourself to be a better husband, father, person?

Here are some simple things you can do to get started:

  • Take a lesson from the folks who survived Flight 1549 and begin living as if this day is your last.  If you knew that today would be the last time you saw your family what would you do differently?
  • Sign up for Disciple class at church.  If possible, attend with your spouse or partner.  Discuss the implications for your lives after each session.
  • Investigate Stephen Ministry or Road to Emmaus as a route to learning about yourself and helping others.
  • Began a daily devotional time with your wife. Men in Balance will provide a free copy of Devotions for Couples upon request.
  • Buy a Life Application Bible or The Message Bible and start a disciplined reading of the Bible. Start with John in the New Testament for openers.
  • Make plans now to be in church at least 75% of the time this year–and get the whole family there, especially young men in your family.
  • Take some time away and learn about your spiritual self….most of us rarely do this but it can be very helpful.
  • Ask another man to be an “accountability partner” with you to meet regularly and talk about mutual spiritual development.
  • Balance work and home demands this year–no matter what it takes.

What are your ideas about this? Post them on the blog. And let us know how we can help!


Jerry Hancock, Executive Director Of Men In Balance, Inc.