–Jerry Hancock


Want more intimacy from your partner? Forget about negligees and soft lights. Instead initiate nightly devotions with her!


Unless you are already doing this, you don’t know what you are missing. All it takes is the courage to suggest it and I would bet she says yes enthusiastically.


To make it easier for you, Men in Balance will send you a “starter” devotions book called Moments Together for Intimacy by Dennis and Barbara Rainey. Send us an email with your address and we’ll send it immediately.


Why This Matters

In the survey we did a year or so ago, many men said they were not seen by their family as the spiritual leader of the family. Why not??? Who is???


Unless you show your wife and children you are serious about this, it is just so many wasted words and, more importantly, you are missing a real blessing.


Every night (with rare exceptions) my wife and I read selected scripture and some commentary about that scripture. We also read some other inspirational reading. Then we read our mutually developed vision for our marriage. We follow that by praying aloud—one night she goes first, the other I start.


What an experience! Believe me if you want to know what is on your partner’s mind, listen to her prayer. It is powerful and the act of doing this together is powerful and a great reminder as to what life is all about.


I hear so many men talking about problems in their marriage. But there are some real things you can do to make your marriage truly intimate and joyful.


I encourage you to try it. Write for the book or buy your own…or just look in your concordance for scriptures about marriage, or love, or family or whatever subject comes to mind. And let us know how things go.